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Finding reliable, brand name urostomy supplies is an important concern for many people who have had this procedure. At SGVMedical.com, we carry only products designed for ostomates. We are not a generalized supply store. We cater only to those who need to find specific products for their individual needs.

When it comes to urostomy supplies, the choices here are endless. In deciding what to buy, be sure to always consult your medical care professional with your concerns and specific needs. They can help you narrow down your choices and recommend what items would be best for you.

For example, some patients have short, close-to-the-skin stomas. This can make covering or cleaning the area difficult. Also, it can make the urine divert to unwanted places, such as under the wafer attached to the skin. To prevent leaks, there are convex inserts that can either be built into the pouch itself or sold separately. These inserts prevent urine from flowing back into the body and causing infection. They also help the stoma protrude so that the urine flow goes directly into the pouch, and not under the wafer. As well, there are urostomy pouches that have special anti-reflux valves to prevent this same occurrence.

For more helpful supplies and tips, visit us online at www.sgvmedical.com. We can also be reached by phone at 800-395-6099. We can help you determine your ideal urostomy supplies and ship them to you quickly and easily.

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