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After you have an ostomy procedure, it is vital that you protect your stoma at all times. Now, stoma bags also have covers designed for both protection and discretion. Apart from making your pouch or bag look better, these covers also prevent embarrassing situations upon accidental exposure. Instead of someone seeing your appliance, they simply see the cover to your pouch, which can be in a neutral color to resemble an undergarment, or can be in a bright color to reflect your personality.

Whatever your choice, there are lots of options and we carry many of them here at SGVMedical.com. We also carry stoma patches and caps for use directly on the stoma itself. These are ideal for colostomates and others who frequently remove their bags or pouches. The patches look just like band-aids and are designed to cover your stoma in between irrigation times. They stay in place with ease and they will also catch mucous discharge while adhered to your body.

Stoma covers simply cover the stoma's opening to prevent leaks while no pouch is present. They are small and comfortable as well, with differing design elements to suit every need. Some stomas are short and flush to the skin, which can cause difficulties covering them up. In these cases, convex inserts can be helpful to create a seal around the stoma.

For more information on these and other stoma cover products, visit our website at www.sgvmedical.com. We can also be reached by phone at 800-395-6099. Our friendly customer service representatives would be happy to answer all your questions and to take your order right over the phone today.

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