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Caring for your body after a colostomy involves the use of a variety of colostomy supplies, such as excrement pouches or bags. They are typically made of transparent (usually for pediatric use) and opaque materials that adhere easily and painlessly to your body. They are lightweight, and recent advances in technology have made them easier to use than ever.

While colostomy pouches and bags are a popular choice, there are still social stigmas about these devices. Some people, although incorrectly, still associate colostomy supplies with foul odor, leakages, and other embarrassing issues. As well, many patients simply would rather not change a colostomy bag daily if they don't have to.

For some, then, there are also internal alternatives to these external products. These include internal pouches called colo-anal pouches. While some colostomy cases don't allow for this option, many people do qualify for such a procedure. Colo-anal pouches are actually constructed from a portion of your lower intestine, and act as a new rectum. It essentially replaces the one that was removed during the colostomy, ridding you of the awkwardness and social stigmas associated with external options.

At SGVMedical.com, we strive to bring our customers the most cutting-edge and user-friendly products on the market. With disposable and reusable external options, we provide the typical colostomy supplies needed for patients with the standard stoma. We recognize that internal options are often not available for many people, so we offer options for the millions of others who require an external receptacle. Call us at 800-395-6099 or visit our website directly at www.sgvmedical.com.

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