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Colostomy Care

Medical advances are making colostomy care easier and more convenient than ever before. After an ostomy procedure like a colostomy, it can be a major adjustment to get used to having to wear a colostomy bag and perform other daily colostomy care procedures. Whether for a short time or the rest of your life, though, you can cope with the daily routine with help, support, and solid information.

Knowing all the facts about your condition is the best place to start. First, you have to know that once you have a colostomy, your bowel movements will now drain into the bag. The bag is attached to your stoma, or small opening created by the surgery. In order to attach it, several medical products are available that have non-irritating skin adhesives to firmly hold the bag in place to prevent leakage and odor.

Next, you need to know that you will need to empty your pouch at least once a day, but sometimes several times a day depending on your condition. There are two types of pouches, disposable and reusable. If you have the reusable kind, care must be taken to make sure it is cleaned properly. Mild soap and water are usually adequate cleaning agents.

Last, it is important to work with your healthcare professional to choose what form of bag is ideal for you. There are one-piece and two-piece bags in addition to the disposable and reusable kind. Your budget is also often a concern. At SGVMedical.com, we offer affordable brand name options for colostomy bags and other products. Call us at 800-395-6099 or visit our website at www.sgvmedical.com.

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