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Thousands of colostomy surgeries are performed every year. The procedure of a colostomy requires that a portion of the large intestines be removed from the body. Then, a part of the colon is attached to the anterior abdominal wall, leaving a stoma (small opening) in its place. After this surgical process, a colostomy bag attached to the stoma is required to rid the body of fecal matter effectively.

The reasons people need colostomies differ from patient to patient. Some colostomy bags are temporary, while others are needed for a lifetime of use. Basically, though, colon cancer and injury are the two main reasons for the procedure. Millions of people have them, with another 100,000 or so new cases occurring every year.

However, even just a few years ago, the use of colostomy bags still held strong stigmas in the minds of many. Social perceptions associated colostomy bags with a foul order from storage of feces, unsecured attachment of the bags, and prohibition of normal activities. Plus, patients didn't have access to the streamlined products that are now on today's market.

Thanks to modern advances in colostomy bag technology, though, none of these problems are an issue today. At SGVMedical.com, we sell several brand name products from leading companies that allow users the safety and security of odor-preventing materials, secure adhesion, skin-safe materials, and ease of use. Check out our offerings online at www.sgvmedical.com or call us directly at 800-395-6099.

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